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Not all doctors can combine professionalism with grace but Dr Nikhil is indeed the best. He treated my daughter with all the love and patience, thank u so much for being extra careful about her treatment and well-being. I am totally, completely satisfied with the treatment he provided to her. Couldn’t get a better dentist than u doctor, thank u so much once again.

Nida Naqvi, Dubai

Getting dental treatment and sitting on a chair is an impossible task for my kid who had some caries teeth at 4 years. The very first time he met Dr nikhil sir... He didn't make any eye contact and rather was hiding under the table. To make him get out from his hiding and make him sit on a chair and cooperate with all the procedures was Dr nikhils magic and skill. It was unbelievable how he made my kid cooperate and got to him. After 2 visits all the apprehension was gone and rather a rapport was set up. Very sincere thanks to nikhil sir for fixing our kid without any force and forming such a rapport with him. Due to this rapport he understood the need to cooperate and the results were awesome.

Dr. Anamika SharmaMother

My daughter was referred to him by our family dentist when she was 3.5 year and having severe tooth ache. In first visit only he relieved the pain by his expert hands. My kid was totally comfortable during the procedure. Dr Nikhil is very patient and tricky in terms of dealing with kids. So easily everything is done and the kid is out of the chair without any cry and drama. Need not to say that he is the expert of his field and very genuine in his advise. He would suggest very genuinely every option and has never been pushy for any specific thing. He is one of the best pediatric dentist in Jaipur.

Dr. Pallavi, (Mother of Anvi / Sanvi)

I would like to thank you and your team for understanding, care, attention, craftsmanship and professionalism in treating my son. I highly recommend to you and your dental works to those who have anxiety for kids dental treatment. Thank you for making the whole experience comfortable with your care.

Mother of Krish

I have been visiting Dr Nikhil’s clinic ever since my son was 3 years old. They have developed a special bond and my son always feels he is visiting a friend not a dentist. I think his method of managing kids is commendable.

Father of Daksham
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